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Venue: Harris Manchester College
in the University of Oxford

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Harris Manchester is the only Oxford college devoted solely to undergraduate and graduate students aged 21 and over. This creates a vibrant and diverse community, with students of different ages, backgrounds and countries. The college was founded as Manchester Academy in 1786, in Manchester, and settled in Oxford a century later, in 1889.


The College has a magnificent Dining Hall. It is a particularly fine example of a late-Victorian baronial-style Hall, named after the Arlosh family, who gave the Hall in memory of their son, Godfrey.



The Tate Library is the reading room of the college library and houses a general collection of books. Parts of the Library's collection include a significant collection on the history of Protestant dissent in England and the Carpenter Library of Comparative Religion.



The Chapel was dedicated in 1893. It is well-known for its stained-glass windows designed by Edward Burne-Jones and William Morris and painted organ pipes. The Chapel is unusual in that, historically, it was designated for those who could not accept the beliefs of any particular denomination, and this open spirit continues today.


The Warrington Room is a traditional wood paneled room which is beautifully proportioned and boasts ample natural light for our meetings. 

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Venue Address:

Harris Manchester College

Mansfield Road

Oxford, OX1 3TD
United Kingdom

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