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Women and Education


Abstracts due by May 30, 2023

Date of Session:  July 9 - July 13, 2023

Location:  Harris Manchester College in the University of Oxford, Oxford, England. Harris Manchester College is one of the thirty-eight colleges that form the University of Oxford and was founded in 1786.

Paper Submission: You are invited and encouraged to make a presentation and to provide a paper on a relevant aspect of the topic, however, your participation as a member of the Round Table is not contingent thereon. Papers presented at the Round Table may be subsequently submitted for publication in the Forum on Public Policy, a journal of the International Round Table Symposium.

Tours: We will provide a two hour walking tour of Oxford and a trip to Blenheim Palace


Topics of Interest will include but are not limited to:


Women and the University

  • Campus Safety

  • Gender Parity

  • Manifestation of Gender Discrimination Gender 

  • Factors Affecting Compensation Tenure and Promotion

  • Culture of the Institution and Gender Inequality

  • Women’s Career Investments and the Returns

  • Equal Pay

  • Effects and Limitations of Legislation

  • Sexual harassment and Consequences


Girls’ Education

  • Keeping Adolescent girls in school

  • Secondary education worldwide

  • Barriers to Girls’ Education

  • Global Education and Gender Equality

  • Transformative Effects of Girls’ Education

  • Cultural Bias

  • Accelerating secondary education

  • Transition from primary to secondary


Women and Careers

  • Career Traps for Women

  • Women’s Career Investments and Returns

  • Implicit Discrimination in the Workplace

  • Promotion and Pay

  • Barriers to Progress in the Cultural Religious Context

  • Overcoming the Obstacles on the Professional Ladder

  • Women in Power in a Man’s World


Women’s Writing

  • The Idea of Education in Nineteenth-Century Women's Writing

  • Education, Gender Reform, and African- American Women's Writing

  • Women's Writing as Experiential Education

  • England and the United States in Nineteenth Century Women's Writing

  • Jane Eyre and the Power of Education


Women in Literature

  • African-American Women Writers

  • Victorian Age

  • 19th Century Novels

  • Survey of British Literature

  • Feminist Literature

  • Gay and Lesbian Literature

  • Feminist Theory


Women in History

  • Women in Government

  • Women and Nation Building

  • Against All Odds

  • African American Women in History

  • Women in Early America

  • Looking Back Looking Forward

  • Women on the International Stage

  • Women in Developing Countries

Women and Social Justice

  • Invisible Ceilings and Barriers

  • Cultural Expectations

  • Politics of Gender

  • Women and Patriotism 

  • Citizenship

  • Political Activism

  • Families and Nations

  • The Stateless: Displaced People


Women and Religion

  • Women’s Health and Choice

  • Family Planning

  • Contraception Rights of Women

  • Women and the Roman Catholic Church

  • Fundamentalist Protestant Constraints

  • Women and Islam

  • Contraception and Student Health Services

  • Employment Discrimination and Clerical Universities

  • Social and Cultural Restraints on Women

  • Clerical Rationalization of Disparities

  • Women and Sports

  • Techniques in Coaching Women’s Sports

  • Women in Sports Administration and Leadership Roles

Payment Information:


Participant Registration WITH Lodging

$800 – Deposit due May 30, 2023

$1195 – Remainder due June 15, 2023

Participant Registration WITHOUT Lodging

$800 – Deposit due May 30, 2023

$795 – Remainder due June 15, 2023


Guest Registration WITH Lodging 
$795 Guest Fee

Guest Registration WITHOUT Lodging 

$595 Guest Fee

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